Crazy Donuts

Crazy Donuts

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Just like fine dining, Sassy Bass does donuts a little differently. At Crazy Donuts, our fresh and fluffy donuts are served in clever and creative combinations that will tantalize all your tastebuds (not just the sweet ones). You may find a favorite in our flavorful fillings (like raspberry jelly and smooth peanut butter) or go a little nuts with a tasty topping of pretzel salt and pecans.

We even have creations to soothe your sweet and savory tooth at the same time, like a glazed donut topped with crispy fried chicken, a farm egg, candied bacon and a honey drizzle. Of course, we didn’t stop at breakfast sandwiches – you can also dig into delicious donut burgers, donut desserts, and even donut pizzas. With more than 162 topping and flavor options, there’s a new donut for every day!

  • 5160 Highway 180
    Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542


Crazy Donuts Menu


  • 1 Donut

  • 3 Donuts

  • 9 Donuts

  • 16 Donuts



  • OD by Fruit

    Glazey, lemon, strawberry , apple raspberry filled topped with white icing drizzle

  • Candied Apple

    caramel glaze, apple filling w/ green drizzle

  • Margarita

    margarita glaze mix filled, white and green glaze topped, salted top

  • PB&J Time

    Glazey, raspberry jelly filled, peanut butter topped

  • Taco Onut

    Glazey, flatten donut, fold in half, fill with____, top with ______

  • Caramel Knowledge

    caramel filled, chocolate topped, sea salt sprinkle

  • Holey Fudge

    fudge filled, chocolate glaze

  • Wake n’ Bake

    espresso filled, chocolate glaze

  • Luscious Lemon

    lemon filled, white glaze, yellow drizzle

  • Lemon Drop

    raspberry filled, glazey, lemon drizzle

  • Strawberry Lemonade

    strawberry & lemon filled, white glaze, yellow and white swirls

  • Choco Cherry Love

    cherry filled, chocolate glaze, cherry on top

  • Chocolate Covered Cherry

    Cherry filled, chocolate glaze, cherry on top

  • Cherry Lemonade

    cherry & lemon filled, white glaze, yellow and red swirls

  • Cherry Potter

    cherry filled, white glaze, cherry drizzle, powdered sugar sprinkled

  • Morning Buzz

    espresso filling, white glaze, coffee drizzle

Dry Topping + Spiced

  • Galaxy

    purple & white glaze, powdered sugar topping

  • Redhead

    caramel glaze, crushed graham cracker, drizzled white glaze, cinnamon sprinkle

  • Beach Bum

    glazey, cinnamon sugar sprinkle

  • Sandy Bottom

    double glaze, crushed graham crackers topped

  • Dusty D

    glazey, powdered sugar sprinkled

  • Coco-mel

    caramel glaze, toasted coconut topped

  • Fry

    chocolate glaze, potato stick topped

  • Adam n’ Eve

    apple pie filling, white glaze, graham cracker bites, cinnamon sugar sprinkle topped

  • Lime Pie

    key lime filling, glazey, graham cracker bites, toasted coconut sprinkles topped

  • Oreo Speed Wagon

    white glaze, crushed oreo topping

  • Twas Lit

    yellow icing topped, toasted coconut topping

  • Tiramisu

    Glazey, cream cheese topped, coffee drizzle, chocolate drizzle, powdered sugar sprinkled

  • Monkey Around

    banana pudding filling, whipped cream topping, 3 vanilla wafer bites

  • White Wedding

    white glaze, black icing dot sprinkle, toasted coconut topped

  • Razzle Dazzle

    raspberry filled, chocolate glaze topped, toasted coconut topped

  • Kaked

    chocolate glaze, topped, white cake batter sprinkle

  • Ladies Heart

    Chocolate glaze, choc chip topping

  • Arnold Palmer

    White glaze, lemonade/tea dust topped

  • Lemon Pop

    Glazey, lemon filled, poppy seed topped

  • Trail Mix

    White glaze, granola center, 6 raisins circled, 6 m&ms circled

  • Sweet Molasses

    Glazey, syrup drizzle

  • Waaa-nut

    Chocolate glaze, crumbled waffle cone topped

  • Over the Rainbow

    Rainbow colored glaze, chocolate shaving topped

Fresh Fruit

  • Berry Delightful

    White glaze, 4 blueberries, strawberry center

  • Drunk Blueberry

    White Glaze, 4 blueberries

  • Ying Yang

    Half white glaze, half chocolate glaze, topped w/ a strawberry

  • Purple Haze

    Purple & blue glaze topped w/ blueberries and white drizzle

  • Hot Tropic

    Glazey, pineapple chunks, cherry in the middle

  • Hippie Bait

    White glaze, granola topping, choice of fresh berries

  • Pucker Up

    White glaze, lemon filled, lemon drizzle on top, fresh lemon slice, sugar sprinkled

  • Kiwi Strawberry Delite

    White glaze, topped w/ kiwi & strawberry

  • Not Not Nanners

    Chocolate glaze, sliced bananas

  • Night Moves

    chocolate glaze, choco dipped strawberry

  • Chunky Monkey

    Chocolate glaze w/ fresh banana, chopped nuts

  • Strawberry Swirly

    White glaze, red swirls, strawberry in the middle

  • Elvis

    Glazey, peanut butter center, sliced bananas circled

  • Strawberry Fields

    cream cheese top, fresh strawberry in the center, strawberry drizzle


  • Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Butter spread, Peanut brittle topped

  • Peppermint Mocha

    White glaze, coffee filled, crushed peppermint topped

  • Candy Cane

    white glaze, w/red stripes topped w/ crushed candy cane

  • Gold Digger

    Chocolate glazed, gold glitter, candy money

  • Heath the Man

    Chocolate glaze, topped w/ crushed heath

  • Skor!

    Chocolate glaze, topped w/ crushed Skor bar

  • Butter Fingers

    Orange color buttercream, Chocolate drizzle, w/ crushed butterfinger topping

  • On the Hunt

    Glazey, topped w/ coconut, jelly beans

  • Kit Kat

    Chocolate glaze w/ crushed Kit Kat

  • Jeepers Peepers

    white glaze, yellow glaze, topped with coconut, peeps

  • Snickerdoodle

    Glazey w/ snickers topped w/ cinnamon

  • Mike Wazowski

    Green glaze, black dots, marshmallow in middle

  • Minion

    Yellow glaze, blue overall outline, black dots marshmallow eyes

  • Krusty Krab

    Glazey, krabby patty gummies

  • Caramel Madness

    Glazey, caramel filling topped w/ caramel crumble

  • Boog

    Chocolate glaze, candy eye, hershey kisses

  • Love Bug

    Pink glaze, small candy hearts

  • Out Da Mud

    Chocolate glaze, oreo topping, gummy worm hanging out of the middle

  • Not Yourself

    Chocolate glaze, snickers crumbled, caramel drizzle

  • Scooby Snacks

    Blue buttercream frosting, scooby snack in the middle

  • Crazy Candy Explosion

    Chocolate glaze, heath & butterfinger topped

  • Chocolate Mint

    Chocolate glaze, Andes mints

  • Gone Fishin’

    Blue glaze, swedish fish topping

Cup Cake

  • Vixen

    Pink Frosting, chocolate chips, red drizzle

  • Coco Cabana

    Cream cheese icing, coconut flakes topped

  • Dirty Deeds

    Vanilla frosting, crushed graham cracker, crushed oreo

  • Great Balls of Fire

    Vanilla frosting, 4 fresh blueVanilla frosting, 4 fresh blue berries, strawberry glazeberries, strawberry glaze

  • Good Girl

    Vanilla frosting, pink sprinkles, cherry on top

  • Bad Girl

    Chocolate frosting, red sprinkles, strawberry on top

  • Antifreeze

    Green frosting, coconut flakes, green drizzle

  • Punishmint

    Chocolate frosting, Andes mints on top

  • Happy Ending

    Vanilla frosting, caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, pecan topped

  • Pineapple Express

    Yellow frosting, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate drizzle, whipped topping and cherry on top

  • Arm Candy

    Vanilla frosting, caramel drizzle, fresh apple slice on top

  • Sun Worshipper

    Orange Frosting, yellow glitter, cinnamon topped

  • Mad Batter

    Cream cheese icing, sprinkled with cake batter mix

  • Party Girl

    Pink frosting, powdered sugar, silver glitter sprinkles

  • Screaming Mimi

    Orange frosting, white drizzle, topped with 3 marshmallows

  • End of the Road

    Chocolate frosting, chocolate drizzle, peanuts, topped with 2 marshmallows

  • Zonked

    Chocolate frosting, Chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, pretzel salt chocolate chips, pretzel salt

  • All Jacked Up

    Vanilla frosting, crumbled oreo, chocolate drizzle, caramel drizzle, topped with crushed nuts

  • Pink Freud

    Pink frosting, black licorice topped

  • Twisted

    Vanilla frosting, caramel drizzle, topped with pretzels

  • Under the Sea

    Teal Buttercream, Dark Blue Drizzle, White Drizzle

  • Princess

    Pink Buttercream, Pink Glitter, Silver Glitter

  • Coconut Crème

    White buttercream, Orange Coconut

  • Sixlet

    Pink Buttercream, Sixlets

Nut Topped

  • White Macadamia

    White glaze, macadamia chips

  • Almond Brothers

    Cream cheese frosting, almonds on top

  • Pistachio

    Green glaze, pistachio topped

  • Brain Butter

    Glazey, sprinkled w/ pretzel salt, pecan topped

  • Freakin’ Nuts!

    Cinnamon glaze, Mixed nut topped

  • Candy Pecan

    white glaze, candy pecans, drizzled w/ chocolate

  • Deez Nuts

    Chocolate glaze, Dipped in crushed nuts

  • Pay Day

    Caramel glaze, dipped into crushed nuts

  • Cashew Outside

    Purple buttercream, Cashew pieces, White drizzle


  • Oh Cap’n Crunch

    Chocolate glaze, Cap'n crunch cereal

  • They’re Great

    White glaze, Frosted Flakes

  • So Loopy

    White glaze, Froot Loops

  • Coo Kooo Puffs

    Chocolate glaze, Cocoa Puffs cereal

  • Oats for Your Goat

    Frosted w/ cream cheese frosting, dipped in dry oats

  • Crumbles Cookie

    White glaze, Cookie cereal

  • Cereal Killer

    White glaze, Froot Loops, Cap'n Crunch, Cookie cereal

  • Rice Krispies Treat

    White glaze, Rice Krispies sprinkled, 1 lg marshmallow in center

Glazey + Iced

  • French Toast

    Maple and glaze dipped, cinnamon topped

  • Emoji Nuts

    Glazey, Decorated as smiley, poop, alien, etc.

  • Sunset

    Blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow ombre

  • Aqua Blue

    Aqua glazed, Dark blue splat

  • One in a Melon

    Green dipped, red & pink, black dots

  • Flower Child

    Purple, pink, green, yellow, swirled

  • Kitty

    Blue glaze, pink dots

  • Slam Dunk

    Orange glaze, black icing lines

  • Life Saver

    Red dipped, White icing lines (i.e. life saver)

  • Purple Rain

    Purple dipped, blue raindrops

  • Flower Bomb

    Glazey, Pink flower design around top, Yellow center

  • Joker

    Green glaze, purple drizzle

  • Checkered Past

    Black and white checkers

  • Batman

    Black Glaze, Yellow Batman outline

  • Swamp Thing

    Green glaze, chocolate drizzle

  • Under the Sea

    Blue & White tie-dye

  • Pretty Patty

    Different colored glaze

  • World Peace

    Blue/green world design

  • Mallow Out

    Jiffy marshmallow spread on top

  • Nemo

    Orange dipped, white & black icing

  • Sauced

    White glaze, chocolate and caramel drizzle


  • Spit Fire

    6 dried jalapeños, pretzel salt, pepper, parmesan cheese topped

  • Bad Breath

    Onion flakes, garlic powder, basil

  • Psycho

    Poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, garlic flakes, pretzel salt, pepper

  • Dirty Shirley

    Oregano, dried pepperoni, garlic flakes, parmesan cheese topped

  • Morning After

    Poppy seeds, pretzel salt, dried cranberries

  • Raisin Cain

    Sunflower seeds, dried raisins

  • Pizza Pleaser

    Dried pepperoni, dried japaleño, onion flakes, dried mushrooms, parmesan cheese topped

  • Indecent Exposure

    Dried cranberries, dried raisins, granola

  • Chill Out

    Pretzels, peanuts, almonds


  • Cookie Dough

    Glazey, cookie dough bites

  • Camo

    Green glaze, brown, orange drizzle

  • Champagne

    Champagne glaze topped w/ gold glitter

  • Aubie

    Blue glaze, orange AU

  • Big AL

    Red glaze, white A


  • 4th of July

    White glaze, blue swirls, white lines

  • I Pledge Allegiance

    American Flag Donut

  • Jingle Bells

    White glaze, red & green candy balls

  • Santa Claus

    Red Glaze. Coconut beard, candy eyes

  • King Cake

    Glazey, purple, green, yellow sprinkles

  • Firework

    Red Glaze, explosion of sprinkles

  • Christmas in July

    White Glaze, connected jelly beans

  • Spider Web

    Chocolate glaze, white spider web, candy spiders

  • Candy Corn

    white, yellow, orange glaze dipped

  • Leprechaun

    Green glaze, gold sprinkles

  • Commander in Chief

    White glaze, red, blue sprinkles
  • True Love

    Red glaze, candy hearts

  • Summer Lovin’

    yellow buttercream frosting, choco sprinkles in the middle (sunflower design)

  • Gone Campin’

    Chocolate Glaze, graham cracker crumble, marshmallow in center

Make Your Own Donuts

Make Your Own Donuts

  • At the Build a Bar

  • Party Pack


    18 plain donuts | 3 syringe toppings | 8 topping cups

Crazy Sides

Crazy Sides

  • Crazy Fries Small


    Salt topping choices: Cheezy Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar, Wild Buffalo, Sour Cream & Onion, Ketchup, Garlic Parmesan, Salt & Garlic Pepper, Flame Grilled BBQ

  • Large Fries on a Frisbee


    Salt topping choices: Cheezy Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar, Wild Buffalo, Sour Cream & Onion, Ketchup, Garlic Parmesan, Salt & Garlic Pepper, Flame Grilled BBQ

  • Oreo Donuts

  • Syringes


    Chocolate, Glaze, White Chocolate

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

  • Donut Bread Pudding

    3.89 | 5.59
  • Vanilla Bean

    3.89 | 5.59
  • Peanut Butter n’ Jelly Sandwich

  • Chocolate Explosion

  • Key Lime Pie

  • Strawberry Honey and Pepper

  • Caramel n’ Sea Salt Crunch


Cold Drinks

  • Craft Soda


    Black Cherry Tarragon, Agave Vanilla Cream, Classic Root Beer, Lemon Berry Acai

  • Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Mist | Mountain Dew | Lemonade | Sweet Tea | Unsweet Tea

  • Iced Coffee

  • Milk

  • Orange Juice


Hot Beverages

  • Crazy Donuts Gourmet Coffee

  • Coffee White

  • Espresso

  • Chocolate Espresso

  • Latte

  • French Vanilla Latte

  • Cappuccino

  • French Vanilla Cappuccino

  • Americano

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Hot Tea

  • Box of Coffee



Specialty Drinks

2-3 oz alcohol in each drink

  • Bushwacker


    Over ice...gourmet coffee, Myers's Rum, creme de cacao, Chapala Coffee Liqueur, creme de coconut, ice cream & chocolate

  • Caribbean Screw


    Coconut rum, creme de banana, peach schnapps, oj, pineapple and creme de coconut

  • Coconut Margarita


    Fresh lime juice, Jose Cuervo tequila, Cointreau, coconut juice & toasted coconut

  • Coffee Colada


    Bacardi light rum, gourmet coffee, creme de coconut, pineapple juice chilled over ice

  • Painkiller 151


    151 rum, creme de coconut, pineapple juice, orange juice & a sprinkle of nutmeg

  • Spicy Bloody Mary


    Our blend of fresh tomato mixed with Absolut and candied bacon garnish

  • Rum Runner


    Light rum, juices of pineapple, orange, guava & lime with a splash of grenadine

  • Morning Brew


    Fresh brewed coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur


  • Bud Light

  • Miller Lite

  • Michelob Ultra

  • Heinekin


Craft Beer

  • Good People IPA

  • Nola Blonde Ale

  • Angry Orchard Cider

  • Blue Pants Amber



  • Dom Pérignon

  • Pinot Grigio

  • Champagne

  • Chardonnay

  • Cabernet Sauvignon



  • Tanqueray



  • Bacardi

  • Myers’s

  • Malibu

  • Captain Morgan

  • 151 Rum

  • Mango Rum

  • RumChata



  • Jose Cuervo

  • Tres Generaciones



  • Absolut

  • Tito’s

  • Grey Goose



  • Jack Daniel’s

  • Grand Marnier

  • Baileys

  • Fireball

  • Kahlúa

  • Disaronno

  • Dewars

  • Jameson

  • Crown



  • Tonic Water

  • Cranberry

  • Orange Juice

  • Pineapple

  • Lemonade

  • Club Soda

Sturgeon General’s Warning
Consuming Crazy Donuts May Cause Uncontrollable Cravings & Euphoric Behavior