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Elevate Your Event with Celebration Catering

Celebration Catering is far more than a simple catering company. As your top choice for catering on the Alabama Gulf Coast, we strive to bring something extraordinary to every experience we deliver – whether that’s providing a mouthwatering meal, creating a perfect presentation, or hosting your event.

Our talented culinary team can add something special to every occasion, from weddings to corporate events to private dinners and more. We offer a large and diverse selection of delicious dishes prepared by our expert chefs or we can customize a menu to meet your every need! As part of the Sassy Bass brand, we have unmatched access to restaurant-quality foods, spirits, and provisions to provide our clients with virtually unlimited choices.

But we don’t just provide fantastic foods and beverages! We pay as much attention to the presentation as what’s on the plate (and that’s a whole lot). If we cater to a location of your choice, we guarantee a gorgeous display that suits your event style. We can also host your event at one of our exclusive venues, where we can execute every step of your event to perfection.

What makes an event truly extraordinary? That little something extra. Let us deliver that and more at your next event.