Fort Morgan Oyster Fest Application Rules and Regulations

  • An accepted application is a commitment to participate in the show. NO REFUNDS will be made for any reason, including inclement weather. Accepted artists must exhibit the full day of the show and be in their booths during designated Festival hours. Stand-in or proxy exhibitors are not permitted.
  • Exhibitor must be directly involved in the design and production of work they exhibit at the Fort Morgan Oyster Fest. Exhibitors must display their own work, not works purchased from an outside source for resale (buy/sell). Excluded from exhibition are: commercially manufactured items, ceramics from commercial molds, mass-produced items, plants, soaps, candles, food items, books, CDs, t-shirts and commercial jewelry. Reproductions, including giclee’s, are allowed to be sold but must be clearly marked. At least 50% of your display must be original work.
  • Up to two (2) people with his/her original work are allowed per booth.
  • Only work representative of that submitted for jurying may be exhibited. Only artists juried and accepted in the jewelry category may display and sell jewelry items. Displays will be viewed throughout the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to request the removal of any work that differs from the images submitted and accepted as well as any inappropriate work or display. Failure to remove such works or abide by the rules set forth may result in the applicant’s removal from the Festival.
  • Any items that you plan to sell during the festival must be represented in your booth images submitted with application
  • Exhibitors bear the responsibility for all setup and security needs for their exhibits. It is required to show proof of insurance at registration. Please allow for restocking during Festival hours as vehicles are not allowed on the streets after the show opens.
  • During setup, nails or other anchors may not be placed in the street. Make alternative arrangements to secure your booth. Fines will be imposed for destruction of Beach Club property – this includes nails to hold down tent and rugs on the ground. Double stick tape works well for this function. Tent weights ARE required. Minimum of 40-pound weights PER tent leg. Fort Morgan can be windy during this time of year so please come prepared.
  • All fire department safety lanes and rules will be observed and strictly enforced at all times. No generators are allowed in the show. Battery lighting is acceptable. No amplified music is permitted. Your booth, awning, chairs and all displays must be within your 12’ x 12’ space. This will be strictly enforced.
  • The State of Alabama and Baldwin County require each exhibitor and vendor to purchase a transient license. The details are available from the Baldwin County License inspector at 251-990-4627. Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting Alabama State tax and Baldwin County tax as required by law. Tax forms will be provided in the registration packets.
  • Accepted artists who have not checked in with Registration by 6:00 PM Friday, February 24, 2022, will forfeit their space and booth fee.
  • Use of sealants or spray paints or aerosols is strictly prohibited.
  • The Fort Morgan Oyster Fest Committee reserves the right to remove an artist from the show for conduct deemed unacceptable and/or detrimental to the mission and reputation of the Fort Morgan Oyster Fest.
  • Ticket sales will be capped at 5,000 guests for 2023.

Legal Agreement

Submission of my application confirms my commitment to abide by the Festival rules and regulations as established by the Festival Committee.

By submitting an application, I, and my co-artist (collaborator), if applicable, hereby and forever discharge Fort Morgan Oyster Fest, Spectrum Resorts, Sassy Bass, and Navy Cove Oysters of and from all manner of actions, suits, and damages, claims and demands, whatsoever in law or equity, from any loss and damage to the undersigned’s property while in the possession, supervision or auspices of Fort Morgan Oyster Fest, Spectrum Resorts, Sassy Bass, and Navy Cove Oysters, their agents, representatives or employees.

I warrant that:

The artworks submitted for jurying and the artworks to be displayed in my booth are all original work that are both designed and executed by my own hands. If produced with a collaborator, the work is made solely by my collaborator and me with our own hands since Nov. 1, 2021.

There is no production studio associated with any of the work to be sold in my booth.

The work in my booth is not purchased from an outside source for resale at the Fort Morgan Oyster Fest.

There are no reproductions or enhanced/embellished reproductions in my booth.

If selected to exhibit at the Fort Morgan Oyster Fest, I authorize use of the images submitted with my application or duplicates thereof for Festival publicity or documentation.

I agree to grant a license to the Fort Morgan Oyster Fest to reproduce electronically, in limited resolution, my original artwork for a period of up to thirty (30) months beginning January 1, 2023.

I understand by submitting an application, I retain full copyright of my original artwork. My images shall not be redistributed except as anticipated on the website, festival social media and in Festival programs and other Festival related media, without my express written permission.

A confirmed online application and full payment of the exhibitor fee is a commitment to show in my selected category and to abide by the Festival rules.

No refund of exhibitor fee will be made for cancellation after Friday, February 3, 2023 Midnight, CST. Exhibitor fee refund is subject to an administrative fee of $20.00.

The Fort Morgan Oyster Fest reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.

By submitting application does hereby discharge, release and hold harmless, Fort Morgan Oyster Fest and all co-sponsors from any and all manner of action, suits, damages, or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damages or claims, to the person or property of the undersigned while in possession or under the supervision of the sponsors during the Festival, and hereby consents to enforcement of all rules of this event. Furthermore, the undersigned artist hereby certifies that all display work is handcrafted and created by the show participant. There are no rain dates. There will be no refunds or credits if a show is cancelled due to rain, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, government restrictions or any other forces of nature after logistics and advertising have been arranged! There will be no refunds on artist cancellations. Credit will be issued if Fort Morgan Oyster Fest is notified in writing at least (45) FORTY-FIVE days prior to an event.

Festival committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone event as a result of an event or effect that could not have anticipated or controlled such as pandemic or other government restrictions. Fort Morgan Oyster Fest reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules and regulations.

Artists remaining on the premises of event after 8 PM will be subject to a processing fee.

Any NSF payments will be assessed a fee.